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Personal Use Terms

You may:

You may use the graphics to design your own website.
You may use them to create signature tags, stationery,
cards, scrapbook pages for yourself.
You may use them to create pages for others, submit them
for publications as long as the graphics are in the form of
flattened images and provided you give credit to the

You may not:

YOU MAY NOT use this kit to make FTU cluster frames.
you MAY NOT use this download in whole or part to create any kits for free or for sale
You may Not mix my kits with other kits at all.
you MAY NOT repackage/reupload and claim as your own
you MAY NOT alter my designs, as in change it's basic structure for example putting different eyes,mouth,nose on a teddy element...
you may NOT offer my designs as a resale or a commercial use file
you MAY NOT redistribute my creations, instead provide a link to my blog where your visitors may download them
you MAY NOT use my creations under illegal circumstances
You may not use this kit to make any profit for your self.

Commercial Use

You May:

- You may use my designs in your personal use kits.
- You may use my elements for sale in your kits you sell for personal use
- You may make personal signature tags, webset layouts,myspace layouts, no credit necessary but is always nice.
- A credit and link back to me at
- Anything you make using my products MUST be a flattened single layer colored image.

You May Not :

- You MAY NOT resell claim my designs as your own.
- You may use with any other scraps that require credit.
- You may not resell or redistribute these graphics AS IS in their original form.
- You may not take any part of this kit and use the items for sale or for free.
- You may not use more than 40% of my products.
- You may not make complete element packs only from my elements and sale them.
- You may not redistribute these files as part of a 'zip' in tutorials

You must:
- You must add something to my items before you can sell it, so don't sell "as is".


Commercial Use 4 Commercial Use

You may:

- You MAY make other CU items to resell as CU from my products,  as long as you ADD something to them : you cannot just run my scripts and then resell as is.
- You MAY make a CU kit or elements out of my templats, as long as you add something of your own creation to it.
- It may NOT be made up of more than 40 % of my products.
- You may also resell my products as S4H, as long as you follow all these guidelines as well.

You may not:

- You MAY NOT sell or offer element packs containing only my products.
- You MAY NOT sell my original files or templates made from my products. 
- You MAY NOT sell my original files at all. My templates are not to be taken apart and resold.
- You MAY NOT use my products to create brushes, shapes, textures, or other designer resources.
- Anything you make using my products MUST be a flattened in a single layer colored image.

You must:

- You must include in your TOU file that you are a SBP Creations License holder in the items in which my designs are used
  and refer to my blog :
- You MUST display the customized license anywhere that you will be selling or offering the CU items that you create with my CU items.

This license CANNOT be transferred to anyone else, at any time, or for any reason.

I have the following licenses:

Denise Creationz
License nr 210115

License nr 0002/15
License nr 0003/15

Bubbles Dream
License nr 1012

Sharon Becker
License nr #SDB 0060

KP Designgs
License nr# 20151401

License nr 0024
License nr 0017

Rebellious Scraps
License nr SBPC0034

Niqui's Designs
License nr # 119

Freeks Creations
License nr #S007P
License nr #SM0015

Art for Design
License nr AFD469

Gotz Scriptz
License nr #GS00 115SBP

Scraps Dimensions
No license

Erica Wilma Sensibility
License nr #EW51101

Puddicat Creations
License nr: #pdc112013-07
License nr: #pdc05292011-34

Crystals Creations
License nr: #0024

and a lot items made by meself with images from the internet, they are free to use.

If I forgot someone please let me know

Hugs SBP Creations

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